• Girls will be required to purchase 1 uniform including shell, skirt, team flex shorts (bloomers), and pom poms

  • Boot Camp outfits: solid black shorts, plain white tee or tank-no logos

  • They will need white no show socks

  • They will need solid white cheer shoes

With Boot Camp approaching in early August, we have a deadline of June 18th to get uniforms ordered.  With that being said, we are happy to announce that new uniforms have been vetted and a Fit Kit is on the way!  Trying on the skirts and shells has shown to work better than measurements. With many families going on vacations in the upcoming weeks we have scheduled two times for you to join us: 


June 7th 6:00pm - 8:00pm Patty Jordan's Home

2600 Old Course Drive

Austin, TX


June 14th 5:30pm - 7:30pm Tiffany Machnic's Home

2221 Westfalian Trl

Austin, TX


The uniforms this year will include shell, skirt, team flex shorts (bloomers), and set of poms; these are mandatory.  We will be revealing our new uniforms at your FITTING!!! Warm-up pants, jackets, sleeves, and bags are all optional and prices for optional items will be available at fittings.  Price for mandatory uniforms is $217 and $100 is covered by your registration fee.  Please make sure you bring a check to your choice of fitting time for $117 made out to Four Points Pop Warner.  This must be paid for your uniform to be ordered and unfortunately we cannot do individual orders.  I have added Jason Wells to this email if you have questions on payment.  


Additional items you will be responsible for this year will include solid white cheer shoes (your choice, but must be all white and must be cheer), boot camp outfits (solid black shorts, plain white tee or tank - no logos), and team funds (usually $100-$150 - depends on each team).  There may be another few items, but this is a good starting point.