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  • New for 2016: Matte is the New Black

    Matte is the New Blackmatte2


    FPPW has decided to move to Matte Black helmets instead of glossy black helmets for the upcoming 2016 season and years to come. This change is to stay current with football uniform styles prevalent in the high school/college ranks and to align with the Vandegrift football program. We expect the Viper community, and our boys, will love the look of matte black helmets with their chrome V’s shining in the sun.


    This change will take time to complete and we will allow glossy black helmets that have recently been purchased, or for returning players who have helmets that still fit. If you are new to FPPW, or it is time for a new helmet, please ensure that new helmet you purchase is matte black. Face masks will remain GREY, so no change there.
    Again, matte black is the new color for FPPW helmets, but if your glossy black helmet still fits, feel free to use it.




    Am I required to purchase a new matte black helmet?

    No you are not. Only if you are new to FPPW or require a new helmet in 2016 would you need to purchase a matte black helmet.


    Can I still use my glossy black helmet?

    Yes. If you have a glossy black helmet that you have used for FPPW you are welcome to use it again.


    Where can I purchase a matte black helmet?

    You are welcome to purchase your matte black helmet from any retailer you prefer. CenTex Sporting Goods and Dicks’s are sponsors of FPPW but you are free to shop anywhere you choose.


    Can I use a black face mask?

    No, FPPW mandates all face masks are grey.


    Who can fit a helmet for my son?

    Dick’s Sporting Goods, CenTex Sporting Goods, Academy, or your preferred retailer can fit helmets.


    Can I purchase my helmet at equipment day?

    Yes, CenTex Sporting Goods will be on-site for uniform fittings and they will have matte black helmets to try on and order.


    Do I have to buy my helmet form CenTex Sporting Goods?

    No, you are free to purchase football equipment from your preferred retailer.

  • 2015 Pop Warner All-American Little Scholars



    Four Points Pop Warner is very proud to announce our Association’s recipients of the National Pop Warner All-American Little Scholar Award! Of the 8,000 applicants this year, we’re thrilled to report 46 of our student- athletes were selected as either  2nd Team All American or Honorable Mention. Way to go, Viper Nation!

    Based on the applications submitted to Pop Warner, a final score is calculated for each student that consists of up to 100 points (85%) for the student’s grades for the prior school year, along with up to 18 points (15%) awarded for the attached Addendum sheet of activities and achievements.  Based on their score, 1st Team, 2nd Team and Honorable Mention designations are given.

    1st Team is the top 35 students for Football and 35 for Cheer throughout the nation.  2nd Team and Honorable Mention are selected from the remaining athletes.

    Congratulations to the following student-athletes:

    Last NameFirst NameGradeDesignation
    BrouZackery5th2nd Team
    BuchananBrayden5th2nd Team
    FrancisReece5th2nd Team
    ChavezMason5th2nd Team
    FreemanConnor5th2nd Team
    MercerWilliam5th2nd Team
    NichersonWeston5th2nd Team
    OrtaCruz (Nethanial)5th2nd Team
    TowneKyle5th2nd Team
    ApraNathan6th2nd Team
    BarnardEthan6th2nd Team
    BealleConnor6th2nd Team
    BeauchampReece6th2nd Team
    BroeForrest6th2nd Team
    FanninBrooks6th2nd Team
    HaynesPeyton6th2nd Team
    IacobucciZachary6th2nd Team
    JeffersonCole6th2nd Team
    LangJoseph6th2nd Team
    McCartyJohn6th2nd Team
    MooreClayton6th2nd Team
    NelsonJohn6th2nd Team
    PapadakisColby6th2nd Team
    PitstickJack6th2nd Team
    ProvinceWilliam6th2nd Team
    ScottDavis5th2nd Team
    Sekel, JrJoseph6th2nd Team
    ShafferGriffin6th2nd Team
    SzewczykWilliam6th2nd Team
    WardropWalker6th2nd Team
    WestbrookBrock6th2nd Team
    AntonFaith5th2nd Team
    SadlerBrooke5th2nd Team
    JensenRachel6th2nd Team
    HildnerMark5thHonorable Mention
    ShaddixGavin5thHonorable Mention
    SpielesAustin5thHonorable Mention
    StantonCharles5thHonorable Mention
    WestbrookForbes5thHonorable Mention
    AlamgariRohit6thHonorable Mention
    BourqueCayden6thHonorable Mention
    LandrumLucas6thHonorable Mention
    MirandaRobert6thHonorable Mention
    ScullyCade6thHonorable Mention
    WinansTyler6thHonorable Mention
    VitekTaylor5thHonorable Mention

    Each All-American will receive:

    • Congratulatory letter from Pop Warner indicating their scholastic accomplishment
    • Certificate of achievement for National All-Americans
    • Information regarding the Pop Warner National All-American Banquet, taking place this year on Friday, May 27 & Saturday, May 28, 2016 at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort in Orlando, FL.

    Click HERE to get all the details about the Little Scholar Weekend!


  • Registration is OPEN!

    Online Registration for the 2016 Four Points Pop Warner Football and Cheer season is now open for boys and girls ages 5-12.

    That’s right! We know it is spring, but it’s time to start preparing for fall and football season! HOORAY! We’ve got lots to do to prepare for the great season ahead. Start right now, click the button below to register your scholar athlete and become part of the Viper Nation!



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