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  • Week #4 Game Schedule

    2017 Game Schedule

    Schedules through week 7 are posted on under Schedule and Scores.

    Week 3 scores will be posted once all Associations turn in their scores.

  • Week #3 Game Schedule

    WEEK 3

    Home Away Time Location
    TM-Black FPPW Vipers    — Fort Hood Warriors    — 10:00AM Monroe Stadium
    MM-Silver Westlake Blue FPPW Vipers Silver 5:00PM Westlake HS
    MM-Black FPPW Vipers Black Trojans White 8:00AM Monroe Stadium
    JPW-Black  FPPW Vipers Black NYSA Cowboys    — 12:00PM Monroe Stadium
    JPW-White FPPW Vipers White FPPW Vipers Black – D2 2:00PM Monroe Stadium
    JPW-Silver FPPW Vipers Silver Westlake Silver 4:00PM Monroe Stadium
    JPW-Black D2 FPPW Vipers White FPPW Vipers Black D2 2:00PM Monroe Stadium
    PW-Silver CTPW-Georgetown    — FPPW Vipers Silver 10:00AM East View HS
    PW-White FPPW Vipers White South Austin Buffaloes    — 6:00PM Monroe Stadium

  • Week 1 – Standings

    HCPW Score Sheet – 9/2/17

    Team Score Opponent Score
    FP TM Black 0 Westlake TM 12
    FP MM Black D1 6 Westlake MM  Blue D1 24
    FP MM Silver D1 0 HC Knights MM D1 13
    FP JPW White 12 Westlake JPW Silver 26
    FP JPW Black D2 0 DS JPW D2 27
    FP JPW Silver 20 Westlake JPW Blue 0
    FP JPW Black D1 40 HC Knights JPW D1 6
    FP PW White D2 13 SA PW Vikings D2 12
    FP PW Silver D1 22 Anderson Blue PW D2 2

    HCPW Standings


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  1. Game Day Week #5

    September 30
  2. 2017 VHS Homecoming Parade

    October 4 @ 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  3. Game Day Week #6

    October 7
  4. 2017 FPPW Cheerapalooza

    October 8 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  5. Game Day Week #7

    October 14

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